That Superhero of Canova

On Friday, Oct. 13, at 10:30 a.m., at Palazzo Carpegna, headquarters of the Accademia di San Luca, in the Library Room, the book “AGATA allegra Mucci e quel supereroe di Antonio Canova,” in a bilingual Italian/English edition, which Maria Pia Morelli dedicates to the New Phidias on the occasion of the celebrations of the 200th anniversary of his death, will be presented.

The presentation will also be attended by Lucia Borgonzoni – undersecretary of the Ministry of Culture, Hon. Federico Mollicone – chairman of the Culture Commission of the Chamber of Deputies and founder of the parliamentary Intergroup Art, Culture and Sport (I.C.A.S.), Claudio Strinati – professor and secretary general of the Academy of St. Luke and Francesco Leone – professor, author of the most recent “Biography” of the great master Antonio Canova, Francesca Lattanzi Benucci – custodian of the Canova Tadolini Museum’s collection of works, and artist Gio Montez – founder of the innovative startup “ARTup,” which made possible through collaboration with visual artist Manuel Grillo, the creation of the first N.F.T. phygital ever made in Italy, attributing a digital certification of authenticity to the underlying sculpture “Dancer with cymbals” made by Antonio Canova.

2022/2023 will mark the Bicentenary of the death of Antonio Canova, unparalleled genius, author of immortal art, renowned symbol of Italian-ness and stalwart champion of the defense of our artistic heritage. Within the framework of this anniversary is the publishing project “AGATA allegra Mucci and that superhero of Antonio Canova,” with fine illustrations by artist Maria Pia Morelli, published by Linea edizioni, illustrated by precious plates with which the Exhibitions will be set up, with the curatorship of Georgiana Ionescu, the organization of Civita Exhibitions and Museums and the collaboration of Repetto Gallery and Aurea Phoenix.




“The Dancer with Cymbals in Red” concession from the Canova Tavolini Museum,
© 2023, all rights reserved


The opening is scheduled for Oct. 17 at the Camera Dei Deputati (6 p.m.), in the Sala del Cenacolo and the Sagrestia of the Palazzo Valdina Complex, and at the Museo Canova Tadolini on Via del Babbuino, with a book signing (7:30 p.m.), the last atelier of the great Venetian master
who lived in Rome for 43 years.
Right there inside the Canova Tadolini Museum, the Canova workshop will be open to the public. It will be possible to visit the stone tanks that Master Canova used to work with plaster, as well as the entire museum collection of both physical and digital artworks. For the occasion, in this place of great historical and artistic interest, the Tavolini Canova Museum in collaboration with sponsor ARTup s.r.l. will present the premiere of a tribute to the great master: the innovative N.F.T. phygital of Antonio Canova’s sculpture “Dancer with Cymbals.” Also presented will be “Dancer with Cymbals in Red,” a contemporary re-imagining by artists Gio Montez and Manuel Grillo on behalf of the Tavolini Canova Museum. The digitally native work becomes part of the museum collection of N.F.T reproductions derived from the original work, representing a true feather in the cap for the revival of Made in Italy in the world.

Since this initiative intends to increase the knowledge of Antonio Canova in the new generations, the editorial project “AGATA allegra Mucci and that superhero of Antonio Canova” by Maria Pia Morelli is therefore flanked by the two exhibitions that will see, on the one hand, the original plates of the volume, offering the youngest children the opportunity to get to know the great Venetian master and to participate in drawing workshops; on the other hand, the N.F.T. and digital fruition to bring even the youngest closer to the world of art, through a contemporary language that allows everyone to understand and rework internalizing the main concepts and artistic forms of the
our time and our country.

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