The Art of Drawing Emotions

Choose one of my designs, and experience art right in your own home. Check out all the designs, choose sizes, colors, and and order a custom work just for you!

About my Research

The importance of data. From a study conducted on museum-visiting audiences, art helps people feel better. Perceptions dilate, relaxing into a state of peace and quiet that aids relaxation and decreases stress. Based on this assumption, the research I go through seeks to create compositions that are aesthetically functional because they are chromatically effective in achieving the goal that my works should convey: emotions of pause, joy, fright, anger etc. etc.

1. Choose your style

Marianne Rhythm #19 – Series

Delicacy, sweetness, emotions related to warmth, refinement. Available in different colors and sizes.

Daniel Rhythm No. 02 – Series

Coldness, geometries that seek minimalism, aseptic. Stasis. Available in different colors and sizes.

Manuel Rhythm #380 – Series

Noise, a disruptive flow of lines that evoke movement and energy. Available in different colors and sizes.

2. Design your work

Between Art, Environment and Technology.

Inspection and Interview

With the interview, data on your emotional values are collected and broken down by category.

Idea design

Once the data have been collected, they are processed through algorithms and translated into emotionally targeted graphics.

Realization of the work

Graphic works are printed and sent to the client.

3. Install your work

Made in Italy

The Made in Italy brand embodies excellence in craftsmanship, sophisticated design and dedication to quality, reflecting renowned Italian craftsmanship and passion.

Customizable design

A unique and unrepeatable work, it embodies excellence in craftsmanship and distinctive individuality, representing unparalleled creative expression.

Ready in 24h

Graphic works are printed and sent to the client.

Data, technology are just a tool. How we use it will determine our future.



Can the works fit into any living context?

Of course. The works can be customized to the client’s needs. The size, colors, materials can be different and decided at the time of the prior meeting.

What is the price of a work?

Hard to say. It depends on the size, the type of material you choose for printing. The minimum expense for a 100 cm x 70 cm on 3 mm matte forex is 150 €.

What is the time frame for implementation?

After the fact-finding meeting, intermediate briefs will be conducted to evaluate the work with the client. On average, within 14 days the activity is completed.

Do you ship throughout Italy?

Certainly. Through shipping systems, we are able to cover orders from all parts of the country

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