Resistart: under my skin – PART 1

When you make the epistemological mistake of choosing the wrong unit you end up
with pitting one species against another that surrounds it or the environment in which it lives.
Man versus nature. In effect, you end up polluting Kaneohe Bay, reducing
Lake Erie to a green mush and with saying, “Let’s build atomic bombs more
powerful to annihilate our neighbors.” (…)You decide you want to get rid of the
byproducts of human life and it is decided that Lake Erie will be a good place to
discharge them to you; however, you forget that the eco-mental subsystem called Lake Erie is
a part of our larger ecomental system, and that if Lake Erie is pushed
to madness, his madness is incorporated into the larger system of our thinking and
Of our experience.
G. Bateson, Toward an Ecology of Mind.

Thanks to the Lazio Region’s ‘Lazio Street Art’ call for bids, Resistart was officially born, a visual path that will cross the streets of the City of Guidonia Montecelio in four stages, telling the stories of the Guidonian Resistance through street art works.

đź“… In the coming weeks, I will tell you about the many facets of this project as we follow the step-by-step work on my and the other 4 murals. In the meantime, all I can do is invite you to the presentation press conference to be held live on Facebook on Tuesday, April 20 at 5 p.m. on Mayor Michel Barbet’s page. Links forthcoming.

Thanks to the Lazio Region’s ‘Lazio Street Art’ call for bids, Resistart was officially born, a visual path that will cross the streets of the City of Guidonia Montecelio in four stages, telling, through street art works, the stories of the Guidonian Resistance.

“Under My Skin” is the project submitted for the City of Guidonia Montecelio. The mural is inextricably linked to the concept of memory, which, at the center of the representation, becomes the point from which the entire project originates. Many anecdotes were staged as a result of the research work done in recent months. From the woman of the spoon, to the 3 civilians of Montecelio, from Remo’s black bread, to the children playing hide the rifles from the German soldiers, and then again the airplanes, the bull, a quotation from Pablo Picasso’s Guernica, Bernini’s Apollo and Daphne, a myth about love and change. A collage of personal and collective stories, belonging to the municipal territory, reminding passers-by at the underpass of Via Lucania, a place on the border between the Municipality of Bagni di Tivoli and that of Guidonia Montecelio, that memory, like art, is that silent force that relates, in dialogue, memories as well as people, that by subtracting from oblivion what would otherwise be forgotten, is capable of reconciling opposites, being a bridge, an instrument of conjunction, of dialogue.

Photo gallery of the design of the work

Photo gallery of the making of the mural

The final project.

Title: Under My Skin.

Technique: murals and AR.

Year 2021

Our identity is born and grows as a function of the relationships we are able to weave with the reality around us. It takes time, and also space to build a relationship, as well as a mural.
Through the stories of Heinz, Remo, Tullio, Zenobia and young Angelo, I had the opportunity to remind myself first and then others that memory, that accumulation of stories and anecdotes that our grandparents have always told us, are nothing but the universal glue that holds us together. Not forgetting about “them” ultimately means not forgetting about ourselves.

Simulation in augmented reality.


Prenota una Call Online di 30 minuti per parlare del tuo progetto. Che si tratti di una opera pittorica, un murales d’interno o d’esterno, un ritratto…contattami ora!


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