The Photographers

VIDEO 2014, Fez, Morocco

For example, a queue has a characteristic and particular spatial organization, it has boundaries, and those who want to be members of the queue must respect these boundaries otherwise they will not be considered as actual members of the queue, and therefore cannot hold a “place” in it. If one person strays too far to the side or too far behind the neighboring person, doubts may arise about his or her being in the queue, so the participants must unite in maintaining a certain spatial arrangement, and this must be done through some type of interaction cge can be considered for all intents and purposes as governed by a focal point of attention maintained in common.This focal point is rarely formulated i as such, it is not treated as the plot of an interaction. However, it is something that all members of the queue pay attention to, and it is easy to observe how they cooperate so that it is maintained. It would not be correct to say that a queue, is a focused grouping, yet we cannot deny that, at least in terms of spatial and orientational maneuvers, what takes place is a type of focused interaction.


Prenota una Call Online di 30 minuti per parlare del tuo progetto. Che si tratti di una opera pittorica, un murales d’interno o d’esterno, un ritratto…contattami ora!


Scegli uno dei miei design, e vivi l’arte direttamente a casa tua. Scopri tutti i design, scegli le dimensioni, i colori e e ordina un’opera su misura per te!

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