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Pre-order now the catalog of the third edition of “The Structure that Connects,” the event that connects Artists, Designers, Philosophers, Engineers, Digital Professionals to trace the Changes of the Contemporary. Together to reflect on the Environment, Artificial Intelligence, Neuroscience and imagine, this is the goal, a more sustainable and conscious future, all, through the lens of Art and a pinch of irony. I forgot… “SOFiA” the title of this 3rd Edition 🙂

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The project. the catalog.

Welcome to “SOFiA,” the catalog for the exhibition/event to be held in September 2024 at the AAIE Contemporary Art Center Gallery in Rome. In this book, which brings together the synthesis of years of artistic research and a comprehensive collection of the writer’s works, projects, and writings, nature, spirituality, human emotions, and modern society will be explored.

Through paintings, sculptures, and installations, it will lead the viewer to a creative and hopefully stimulating reflection, where even irony finds its part. Together with me, philosophers, psychologists, artists, scientists, to reflect on the future in action.


The realization of this project, however, requires the support of my community and art lovers 🙂 That is why I am launching this crowdfunding campaign, inviting all those who have shared with me a part of their road and with it also a passion for art to contribute to the realization of this catalog. Each donation brings us closer and closer to its realization.

Join me on this adventure and become part of this story of mistakes, second thoughts, stumbles, falls but also of a lot of creativity, passion and love, for art, knowledge, life.


“Changing the world is not enough. We do it anyway. And, to a large extent, this change happens without our cooperation. Our task is also to ďinterpret it. And that, precisely, to change the change. So that the world does not continue to change without us. And, in the end, not to change into a world without us.”

Günther Anders


table of contents

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What you’ll find in the +300-page catalog


Photographic catalog of the works carried out in the past 15 years


Collection of the articles of artistic research in the past 10 years


An annotated biography of the artist


+10 Scientific articles and essays on Art, Science and New Technologies


Critical readings of works done by philosophers, psychologists and artists


High-quality edition


Man is so perfectible and corruptible that he can become insane through reason
G.C. Lichtenberg, Consolation Booklet

According to logic, the truth of a system cannot be explained by staying within the system. It is necessary to step outside the system in order to see its state of truth. At the linguistic level, paradox would seem to be the device that best resolves the above definition. Language and metalanguage coexist without exploding or imploding. Gregory Bateson and the research of the Palo Alto School have given extensive treatment to this in their texts on the pragmatics of human communication. Then there is consciousness, which from a gestalt point of view would seem to be the result of a summation of synaptic connections, which in turn would produce an entity capable of reflection, otherwise said to be a looking in from the outside while remaining in the system. In this coming out perhaps, the biggest challenge will be in reproducing in the laboratory a copy of consciousness otherwise called artificial intelligence. Here, all my production is born and grows around these reflections. At least until 2016. Of the aftermath, of what happened, I don’t know what to say, or rather, what to think.



Complementing the catalog of Manuel Grillo’s works are talks by: Massimo Pistone (philosopher), Andrea Beretta (CNR psychologist), Pietropaolo Cannistraci (Architect), Alessandro D’Ercole (Artist), Carlo Bozzo (Scenographer) Daniele Tavernelli (Computer scientist), Matteo Castorino (philosopher), Dario Pulcini (Ecologist)


Delivery of the printed Catalog expected by December 2024.

Art and Copy in the Time of Artificial Neural Networks

Part 1

The imitation game

Part 2

Find the difference. The overcoming of Godel's incompleteness theorem

Part 3

Morphogenesis of a paradox

Part 4°

The art of living

Part 5°

the author.

Artist, designer and lecturer. Manuel Grillo graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome and founded Studio Grillo Design in 2018. He collaborates with the Accademia Dei Romani and has participated in international projects such as Art Mogao Caves. As a lecturer, he has given workshops in China and is on the faculty of the MANT Master’s program at the University of Rome Tor Vergata. He has exhibited in Italy, Egypt and China and his current work explores the relationship between Man, Environment & Technology.

Manuel Grillo

the works & stories you’ll find in the catalog



All the words in the world by Manuel Grillo





artist stone - Cricket Manuel 2020



Emotion design



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