Art as a Bridge between Cultures: Summer School at the Accademia Dei Romani with Chinese Students from Qingdao & Wuhan – 2023


Art has always had the power to go beyond language and cultural barriers, creating a unique bond between individuals from different backgrounds. The recent Summer School at the Accademia Dei Romani in Guidonia Montecelio demonstrated once again how art can be an extraordinary tool for fostering encounters and understanding between different cultures. With the participation of Chinese students from Qingdao, China, a bridge was built between the East and the West, resulting in an enriching experience for all participants.

A Warm Welcome

From day one, the Chinese students have been warmly and affectionately welcomed by the Academy Dei Romani and the local community. The summer school provided a welcoming environment, allowing students to feel at home even far from their home country. Through simple gestures of friendship and hospitality, participants learned to overcome cultural differences and open themselves to encountering new perspectives.

A Journey into the World of Art

The main goal of the Summer School was to explore art as a universal language capable of uniting different cultures. Through workshops, classes and shared art activities, students were able to discover new techniques and art styles, but most importantly, they learned to share their stories and traditions through artistic expression.

Art as a Means of Cultural Expression.

During the Summer School, cultural differences proved to be a valuable source of inspiration for the students. Painting, sculpture and music became the means through which each participant was able to narrate their cultural identity, sharing unique aspects of their personal history and their country.

Collaborative Works: A Symbol of Union

A particularly significant moment, the collaborative artworks made by students. Through these works, different cultures found a space of convergence, merging into a single artistic voice. The feeling of belonging to a larger artistic community made tangible the idea that art is a powerful tool for unity and dialogue.


The Summer School at the Accademia Dei Romani in Guidonia Montecelio with Chinese students from Qingdao demonstrated how art can be a real bridge between different cultures. Through artistic expression, participants experienced mutual exchange and enrichment, overcoming cultural barriers and creating lasting human bonds. This encounter between East and West is a valuable example of how art can unite people and enrich the global social fabric, opening the door to greater understanding and respect among the world’s diverse cultures.

Summer School - Gerardo Lo Russo

Drawing workshop

Summer School - Graphic Art

Graphic art workshop

Summer School - Carlo Bozzo - Sapse Design

Land Art Lab

Summer School 2023 - Digital Lab

Digital lab – Lecture on self-portrait

Digital Lab - Self-Portrait Lesson

Digital lab – Lecture on self-portrait

Digital Lab - Self-Portrait Lesson

Digital lab – Lecture on self-portrait


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