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Manuel Grillo

“What structure connects the crab with the lobster, the orchid with the primrose, and all four with me? What about me with you? And all six of us with the amoeba on one side and the schizophrenic on the other?”

Gragory Bateson, Mind and Nature 1979


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To the jolly centipede, he wanted the toad one day to mock

and asked him, “Tell me handsome, do you know what foot you have to lift?”
He thought, turned red,
tripped and ended up in a ditch:
If he knows, he can’t do it.


For a biology of machines.

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Digital application for Visual Art

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I-TUBE by Manuel Grillo

Art and copying in the time of artificial neural networks

Article published in magazine

Among the issues opened by the contemporary is the issue of recognition. Western Art, has always been concerned with this issue. The problem of representation is addressed here from an etymological and then a computer science perspective. After a brief introduction to Pattern Recognition, the results of an experiment begun in 2013, which saw, and sees, the use of Youtube’s machine translation engine, will be presented.


Commission a work

“Commissioning is a dialogue between the client’s desire and the artist’s vision, an encounter that gives birth to a timeless work.”

Marina Abramović

online academy


Art | Environment | Technology

Digital Application for Visual Art

12 hours | online

Seeing is thinking. Through the meaning that the concept of “Art as Copy” has had over the centuries, an interdisciplinary path will be proposed that will touch on different disciplines: philosophy, psychology, biology, mathematics and computer science. Summary of research that the writer has been carrying out for years, and which continues. Register and find out more about the course.




Pathways to innovation at the University of Tor Vergata

Pathways to innovation at the University of Tor Vergata

Design Thinking: Pathways to Innovation at the Level II master’s degree. “New technologies for communication, cultural magement and art history teaching: for immersive and multisensory enjoyment of Cultural Heritage” from the University of Tor Vergata.



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